Retail Merchants Association of Lynchburg (RMA) is always looking for innovative ways to promote its members and provide the business community with opportunities for growth and sustainability. The customer landscape continues to change in a technology rich society. RMA has partnered with a national organization to focus on relevant, world-class improvements for the region’s local communities. 


A great customer experience is fundamental to every business. RMA is introducing an innovative way to increase customer commitment through employees from all industries in the marketplace. 


RMA Leadership University will begin offering the national Rise Up Credentialing Curriculum published by the National Retail Federation. The 12-week affordable program will focus on all aspects of customer service, leadership and an introduction into retail management. Customer service is a profession that makes an immediate and tangible difference in the way consumers view your business. This program will help the employee see the world through the lens of their current and future customers, thereby increasing customer loyalty and sustaining our local economy.

Join the information session on June 27 (link to event on Facebook) and add to our events feed on site.

Learning Builds Confidence and Confidence Builds Careers!

Location: 147 Mill Ridge Road Suite 209, Lynchburg, Virginia 24502